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At ECOlive, our primary mission is to revolutionize sustainable living through cutting-edge solar installation and solar energy solutions. We are committed to driving the transition towards clean energy, offering reliable solar power, advanced battery technology, and efficient EV chargers across North Wales, North West, Flintshire, and the entire UK. Our solar installation services leverage the latest eco-friendly technology to provide you with energy-efficient and cost-saving solutions. Additionally, our battery storage solutions enable you to store excess solar energy for uninterrupted power supply, while our EV chargers support cleaner transportation options. Join us in our quest for a greener future powered by eco-friendly technology, and together, we can make a lasting impact on the environment and your energy savings.

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Certifications For Solar Installation and Energy Solutions

Napit Certification of Solar Installation
Solar Installation Certification
Microgeneration Solar PV Certification

Microgeneration Solar PV Certification

Hies Membership Certificate

Hies Membership Certificate

Hies and Napit Membership Certificate standard

Microgeneration Battery Storage Certification


Future with ECOlive

At ECOlive, we turn properties into green powerhouses. Picture your home generating solar energy to charge your car and keep your lights on. We’re not just installers; we’re energy architects. Our custom solutions weave solar panels, battery storage, and EV charging into your lifestyle seamlessly. But we’re more than energy. We’re about enhancing properties. From eco-upgrades to smart property management, ECOLIVE is your partner in a sustainable future.


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  • MCS Certified, delivering nationally recognized quality and expertise.
  • Proud bearer of the HIES Consumer Code, ensuring trust and transparency.
  • TrustMark accredited, your assurance of excellence in sustainable energy solutions.
  • Expert NAPIT-Certified Professionals
  • Comprehensive and Customized Solutions:
  • Environmentally Friendly Practices
  • Access to Government Grant Schemes
  • Long-Term Savings and Return on Investment